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It’s simple.  Bridge over from EZ Lynx when…

·       Centauri is listed towards the bottom of the EZ Lynx quote page**

·       the Home is between 8 and 25 years old 

o   Centauri beats the competition the majority of the time in this age range

**Centauri is listed at the bottom because the other carriers are running the credit through EZ Lynx, where Centauri is not, and this means the client has good credit if Centauri is listed towards the bottom on EZ Lynx.  When Centauri is at the top of the carrier list during the EZ Lynx quote process, it probably means the client has less than average credit, and it does not make sense to bridge over from EZ Lynx.

Side Note: 

·       Centauri gives big discounts for writing a 1.5% or 2% Deductible on All Other Perils.  You can really save the customer a lot of money (in most cases) by offering them a 1.5% or 2% Deductible on All Other Perils

We all know time is of great importance when quoting new business and we hope these Tips help you write and close more new business. 

Thank you,

Susan Upshaw, CIC
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