You have probably heard the news about Safeco changing the commission for ALL their agents on 1/1/2017.  It will not impact existing business.  It is for policies with an inception date starting 1/1/2017 and beyond.  Existing business will be ‘grandfathered’ and staying at the current commission level.

The new commission rate for policies with an inception date of 1/1/2017 and beyond will be based on the coverage level the business is placed in as follows:


o   Ultra                                                                  Will remain at current baseline commission

o   Superior                                                            12%/9%       

o   Enhanced                                                          12%/9%      

o   Essential                                                           Will remain at current baseline commission      

o   Nonstandard                                                   6%/6%

o   Monoline Youthful                                         6%/6%        


*See attached details on Auto coverage levels

**Youthful operator defined as any driver under age of 25


                w/Auto                              Staying at current baseline commission

                without Auto                    12% New / 9% Renewal


In addition, it’s important to note and understand the following…

  • For agents who do not meet a minimum threshold of 12 (Auto &/or Home) NEW BUSINESS policies by 12/31/2016, a reduced commission will be paid on ALL policies (New & Renewal) starting on 4/1/2017. 


  • The minimum threshold set by SAFECO for 2017 will be 24 (Auto &/or Home) NEW BUSINESS policies by 12/31/2017.  If the 2017 threshold is not met, the commission will be changed on ALL policies (New & Renewal) starting on 4/1/2018.  If it is met and you were getting a reduced commission for not meeting the 2016 threshold, the commission starting on 4/1/2018 will revert back to the table above.


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